ITC India: “An unforgettable experience”

Fabian George Blake Rivers, better known as the “Dready Vet”, has recently undertaken a course at our ITC in Ooty, gaining practical surgical skills and helping animals in need. This is his blog about the experience.

The ITC was an unforgettable experience. Little did I know when landing in Bangalore and catching my transfer at 7am, that I was about to embark on arguably the most rewarding experience I have had during veterinary medicine.During the first day which was orientation, introduction to the protocols, lectures on issues pertinent to the ITC, details about Ooty and India and meeting the staff, I felt overwhelmed with information. My instant reaction was to feel as if I was going to be out in the deep end. Time would tell and none of the trainees, including me, were sure how it would transpire.

My first supervised bitch spay on the first day of surgery was slow. However, with the support of the vets, the learning was methodical, understandable and engaging and I felt entirely at ease. To learn the correct techniques with a helping, calm hand opposite you and to be given the freedom to try, learn (and sometimes not succeed), was such an important process for me.

Every day I gained confidence. By day three, I essentially did my first bitch spay solo; day four, a castrate with minimal intervention and by the next week, my whole daily routine was comfortable. Being surrounded by a group of caring people, both my fellow trainees and the forever smiling vets at hand, I will never forget the significance of these two weeks.

What I gained beyond the 16 surgeries was belief and faith in myself to be able to do what was required. The ITC clearly focuses on these principles. We start together and we end together, we succeed together and we make mistakes together.

I’d like to sincerely thank you ITC, Dr V, Ilona and the vets and the boys. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience in my surgical and personal growth. I didn’t come here wanting to be the best but sometimes you aren’t sure how you will respond to a brand new high intensity environment. Will you get help? Will there be someone to help explain clearly and carefully? The ITC did that and more!

I will definitely be making an effort to come back one day, keep up the good work and all the best for the future!

If you would like to join Fabian and the thousands of other students that have gained skills at our training centres, apply today!

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