Internal Injuries Threaten Thai Puppy's Life

Internal Injuries Threaten Thai Puppy's Life

When little Eva came to our clinic with massive internal injuries, there was no time to waste. A team of our best surgeons was quickly assembled and the race against the clock began.

Eva had suffered a rupture of the diaphragm that separates the chest containing heart and lungs, from the abdominal cavity. This injury made it impossible for the little pup to breathe and throughout the complex and delicate repair work, our head-nurse/anesthetist had to manually pump air into her lungs. A special monitoring unit, donated to our team just a couple of days earlier (a pulse oximeter), helped ensure that the patient received the right amount of oxygen.

The WVS Thailand surgical team saw their efforts rewarded with a total success — Just a few days after the operation, little Eva was full of energy, love and mischief and she’s now ready for her loving forever home!

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