India: World-Class Training

India: World-Class Training

The key to improving the standard of animal welfare globally.

The help we provide animals must be both immediate and sustainable into the future. To achieve this, our International Training Centres (ITCs) deliver training to upskill veterinary and animal welfare professionals on the frontline across many countries and cultures.

ABC: Our Core Training

The Animal Birth Control (ABC) surgical course is an integral part of our ITCs, designed to focus on surgical protocols and best practices for veterinarians. The course not only provides participants with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to perform spaying and neutering surgeries but experience in responding to the broad range of cases brought into the centres for treatment.

2021: Vets in Training

As lockdown restrictions eased in India, our International Training Centres were able to resume training courses with COVID-19 preventative measures in place. Since then, we've been working at full capacity, teaching eager-to-learn veterinary students, graduates, and professionals best practices.

In March, our centre in the Indian state of Goa delivered expert training to participants from across India and Nepal. As part of the ABC surgical course, they were lectured on subjects such as the responsible use of antibiotics and animal welfare and learnt first-hand how to expertly and humanely sterilise male and female cats and dogs.

Across two two-week programmes run back-to-back, a total of 148 animals were spayed/neutered with the participants taking an active role in every step - from preparation to surgery to post-op recovery.

During the two-week course, participants are provided with food and accommodation on site. This allows for easy transport to and from the centre each day, as well as time for weekend activities. On the weekend, between surgeries and lectures, the participants learnt how to use an autoclave (a machine used to sterilise veterinary equipment) as well as put together a surgical kit.

Who are our participants?

Our surgical training courses attract diverse participants. In March, the youngest participant was a fresh veterinary graduate from Mumbai whilst the eldest was a 52-year-old vet from Uttar Pradesh. One participant was a vet with a PHD in veterinary Clinical Medicine and owned a private practice in Bangalore. We also had two veterinary assistants take part in the course who were eager to learn about some basic first aid, wound management, and monitoring anaesthesia.

Though it was the first time for some to perform surgeries, everyone was eager and dedicated to learning new surgical skills and appropriate techniques. A special mention to the 52-year-old vet who was initially skeptical but later gained confidence as the course progressed. He truly proved to us that age is just a number and there is no age limit to learn new skills.

Read on to hear about the participant's experiences with WVS.

Participant Testimonials

“This is one of the best places to learn surgeries. Though I have been in practice for so many years, I've never had an opportunity to learn about surgeries. I never thought I will be able to do surgeries. Thank you to the team of vets. Here especially Dr. Anahita for teaching us everything about spay and castration surgery so patiently without getting irritated with our mistakes while operating. Thank you for everything.” – Dr. Nandini

“It was a lovely experience. I am quite impressed by the surgical standards and techniques followed here. I can’t wait to volunteer in ABC department in NGOs and put what I learnt at WVS Hicks to use. We were taught castration and spaying in detail every step because of which today when the course came to an end we can proudly say that we are 200% confident about performing ABC surgeries in the field. I can’t thank the mentors enough for guiding us at every step. We are looking forward to more such workshops in the future.” – Dr. Ankita Shetty

“It was really a great experience. The teaching vets explained and demonstrated the procedure very nicely and in a really understandable manner. The number of surgeries done by us is surely going to help us in a lot of ways. I also learnt a lot about antibiotic usage. I would love to thank everyone for their support.” – Dr. Bhavesh Goyal

“The training at Hicks ITC is really a superb time to stay and learn. All the staff and vets for having learnt the hands-on techniques. It was an amazing experience and a good refresher. Thank you, WVS.” –Dr. Bhupendra Kumar

“Words are not enough to express how amazing my time has been at WVS. I am heartily grateful to the staff members, doctors, mentors (everyone at WVS) for providing a supportive, warm, and comfortable environment to leans and work here at WVS. The protocols and skills I have learnt here will surely be used for better. My skills have been improved so much from this training. Thank you to our mentors for teaching with such patience and for helping me out whenever needed. The accommodation was so good beyond expectation. Thank you for arranging a better facility.” – Dr. Parikshya Gurung

We're so thankful to our passionate participants for furthering their training and career at a WVS International Training Centre and make a lasting change to animal welfare worldwide. To learn more about the courses we offer and how you can apply, click here.

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