India: Puppy attacked with metal rod

India: Puppy attacked with metal rod

The story of Pippin, a young stray dog in India

Pippin was only four months old when he was found on the streets howling a pain. It's suspected that he was the victim of a frightful attack with a metal rod. Thankfully, a good Samaritan responded to Pippin's desperate pleas and brought him to our vets.

At the clinic, our vets examined Pippin and his injuries caused by the horrific act of animal abuse. The metal rod has caused serious damage: broken forelimbs. A radiograph revealed the extent of damage – there was a complete fracture in the radius and ulna bones of both his forelimbs.

A long road to recovery was ahead of young Pippin.

Our veterinary team splinted both Pippin's forelimbs with his limbs stretched out and gave him a dose of pain medication and calcium supplements to help his bones heal.

Within a few weeks, Pippin's condition had improved considerably. The team removed the bandages and watched him walk pain-free, his injury only a distant memory.

But Pippin's story didn't end there.

The kind Samaritan who rescued Pippin off the streets grew fond of the young dog and decided to care for him. With a caring owner and a house to call home, Pippin is no longer a stray dog. After experiencing an unbelievably unkind start to life, Pippin finally has the life he deserves.

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