India: Upskilling vets to save dogs like Murli

India: Upskilling vets to save dogs like Murli

Murli, the German Shepherd dog, was a victim of a car accident in India. The accident left him with a compound fracture to his left front leg and in desperate need of veterinary care.

Murli's owner sought treatment for his beloved pet at a clinic in a nearby town. But soon, two weeks post the accident, the lack of proper treatment and care had meant Murli's condition had worsened.

The broken limb was now a very serious open, infected fracture. Amputation was needed to save Murli's life.

Murli was brought to our International Training Centre in Ooty, where our veterinary team has the surgical skills and experience to remove Murli's damaged leg and give him a new start to life.

This is how our International Training Centres across India and Thailand help so many animals in need, just like Murli.

Under the guidance of experts, our surgical courses give participants – local and international students, graduates, and professionals – the experience and confidence in surgery and anesthesia they need to be able to handle specialised surgeries, like amputations.

When Murli's case arrived at the clinic, Varshini, a current course participant with WVS, scrubbed in as an Assistant Surgeon. Alongside Dr Cathrina, Varshini was able to take part in the surgery, learning first-hand the best practices for cases such as Murli's.

Together, the team of experts and experts-in-training, cleaned and prepped the surgical site whilst Murli was under general anaesthetic. They surgically removed the damaged appendage before suturing the wound shut and beginning Murli's recovery with supportive medications, including pain relief and antibiotics.

With round-the-clock care post-surgery, Murli is expected to make a full recovery and adapt quickly to life on three legs.

To learn more about our training courses, including the virtual learning modules and hands-on tuition, and how they help improve the standard of veterinary care globally, click here.

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