India: A street dog helpless against hard-plastic

India: A street dog helpless against hard-plastic

Getting stuck in plastic can have horrible consequences for animals. Our teams see it often: animals with their head or limbs trapped in plastic. When this happens, animals can no longer move freely. They starve, suffer from injuries and deadly infections, and often lose limbs.

This is how our team met Bruno, a street dog in India – and a victim of discarded plastic.

Bruno was spotted on the streets with a hard-plastic lid stuck around his left hind leg. The handle of the lid had cut through his skin and caused a deep wound. It must have been there for some time as the wound was now infected, causing swelling, great pain and Bruno to limp. Unable to free himself, Bruno was helpless.

The hard plastic lid wrapped tightly around Bruno's leg

A local animal rescue group came to Bruno’s aid. They removed the plastic lid from his leg and brought him to our veterinary clinic in Goa, India, for treatment.

Bruno’s wound was deep but they’d caught the infection just in time to save his leg. He was admitted to our kennels where, every day, his leg was cleaned and bandaged. The team used wet-to-dry bandaging to help remove all the exudate from the wound, as well as honey to help the wound granulate and heal faster. Bruno was also given antibiotics, pain-relief and anti-inflammatory medication to support his recovery.

Bruno's leg wound, cleaned and bandaged daily

It was a long journey, but after one month of treatment, Bruno’s wound had completely healed and he was able to walk without limping. With a clean bill of health, he happily returned home.

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