Incredibly Cute Puppy Has Life Saved By WVS Team

Incredibly Cute Puppy Has Life Saved By WVS Team

Sadly, road accidents involving street dogs are far too common in some of our project areas. We recently received a puppy at our Blantyre clinic in Malawi who had been hit by a reckless driver and as a result had catastrophic injuries to his rear, left leg.

At first glance, the puppy's future looked bleak. However, our team were desperate to do whatever they could as they could see the happy and loving dog being held back by injuries that were out of his control.

The dog was named Chris by our team and in order to have the best chance of surviving this ordeal he would need to go on a long course of treatment. Thanks to your support, WVS was able to provide Chris with the vital veterinary provisions to give him the best possible chance.

The first job for our expert team was to make Chris comfortable and treat the serious bout of mange that he had picked up. Thankfully, after 2 weeks of receiving close veterinary care, Chris' condition was stable enough to undergo life-saving surgery to cure his shattered femur.

Chris' arrival for his surgery was fit for a king and looked as if he could get used to all the new attention he was receiving from our staff! Fortunately, the surgery couldn't have gone better and Chris was now set for a recovery period at our clinic.

Fastforward to today and Chris has gained a reputation as being the dog with the waggiest tail at the clinic as illustrated in the below photo!

Treating animals in need, just like Chris, epitomises what we do at WVS! None of this would be possible without your support. Please give what you can to ensure that we can continue to treat as many animals as possible, because no animal deserves to suffer.

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