Help fight illegal roadside dog sales in Malawi

Help fight illegal roadside dog sales in Malawi

Every year dogs in Malawi are being stolen or bred in horrible conditions to be sold illegally.

For a newborn puppy, the world is already a pretty scary place, but when puppies are bred to be illegally sold on the street, it is a living nightmare.

The WVS centre in Blantyre, Malawi, is under increasing pressure due to the number of sick dogs arriving as a direct result of the illegal dog trade on the streets.

These dogs are often stolen or bred in very bad conditions, arriving with parvovirus and other horrific diseases, infested with worms, fleas and ticks, and terrified of people.

Without urgent action, puppies and dogs will continue to suffer in silence. You can give them hope.

Our team is already doing all they can to treat the dogs that arrive at our centre, but we need to stop this illegal trade for good.

Please consider making a donation today and you can help stop dogs like Chandler suffering at the hands of people selling dogs illegally.

Donations can be made via our Crowdfunder page here.

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