Horrific Facial Injury Leaves Dog On the Brink of Survival

Horrific Facial Injury Leaves Dog On the Brink of Survival

This is why we exist. To help dogs like little Apple.

When Apple was treated by the vets at the WVS Jeanne Marchig International Training Centre in Chiang Mai, it was difficult to know exactly what suffering she had endured. Her injuries were horrific - maybe her head was run over by a motorbike, maybe she was chopped by a machete. It was hard to tell. Either way, she was only just clinging on to life.

The whole left side of her face was torn apart. From the tip of her left nostril to her eye was an open gash. The flesh was terribly infected and infested with maggots, her eye looked destroyed.

The prognosis was bleak, and we agonised over the kindest option to take.

However, WVS doesn't give up. We immediately got Apple free from pain and then the WVS Thai vets got to work. They provided round the clock care to her wound including surgical debridement, along with regular doses of antibiotics and painkillers. Remarkably, beyond everyone’s expectations, Apple responded well and against the odds, her wound began to heal.

Winning her way into everyone hearts was just the start of her remarkable recovery. Within five weeks she was healing well and her eye had been saved. Not only that but Apple was adopted by a local family who fell in love with her heart-breaking story and have pledged to give her the loving home she deserves!

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