India: Welfare for the Winged

India: Welfare for the Winged

At the WVS Hicks Clinic in India, the veterinary team not only attend to canines and felines, but squirrels, goats, rabbits, and even birds!

This month, the team treated a number of birds including a Guinea fowl, a kite and a tiny jungle owlet. These patients were rescued either by the forest department or members of the public who spotted them in need of expert help.

This Guinea fowl was found suffering from a fractured leg. Following an examination and x-rays, our veterinarians were quick to decide that a surgical pin could help fix the fracture. The bird was placed under gas anaesthesia and an intramedullary pin was inserted into the damaged bone to hold it in alignment. The leg was also bandaged for further support. Thanks to the team's efforts, the bird is recovering well and is now able to walk.

This kite was being attacked by crows when Dr Charmaine, a veterinarian who specialises in avians, stepped in to help. The attack damaged the kite's feathers, which left him unable to fly. At the clinic, the team knew what they had to do. To ensure the flight feathers could grow back properly, it was necessary to pluck out the damaged feathers. Under general anesthesia, the team performed this procedure and began him on his road to recovery. After one month of care and rehabilitation, the kite's feathers had regrown and he was released back into the wild.

A kind stranger transported this tiny jungle owlet to the clinic after it fell from a tree. An examination confirmed the bird had escaped injury but was still too young to fend for itself. Avian specialist Dr Charmaine agreed to foster the little bird to ensure his good health and prepare him for life in the wild.

You can help us treat and rehabilitate all the furry, fluffy and feathey patients that come through our doors.

Written by Dr. Anahita Kumar

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