Help Animals Globally During the Pandemic

Help Animals Globally During the Pandemic

For the last 16 years, Worldwide Veterinary Service have been sending vital veterinary aid all around the world. Now, we can use our global network of animal welfare charities to ensure that animals in need receive the care they deserve through the COVID-19 pandemic.

The current situation is limiting many charity's ability to source the veterinary supplies they need. We are poised to help, and need your support to send as many vital aid parcels around the world as possible.

The pandemic means we can't send our expert vets or volunteers to help these animals, but we can send veterinary supplies, right now.

Together, we can help, now

WVS is poised to send supplies around the world. We're contacting our network of charities and will respond to their needs. We will source the supplies they need, package them and send these urgent aid parcels wherever requested.

Despite the current travel restrictions, the global supply network is still operating and our parcels, sent with your support, will be making a life-saving difference to animals in need soon.

We need your donations to purchase and send these vital aid supplies worldwide.

Will you ensure that animals in need receive the care they so desperately need?

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How your donations will help

£3 can treat a cat suffering with gastrointestinal worms

£10 could buy ear cleaner to help prevent and treat infections in dogs

£30 can provide a wound care package for working donkeys 

£70 could allow 5 puppies to be tested for deadly Parvovirus

£138 can purchase surgical clippers and blades to allow life-saving operations to take place

£200 could allow us to provide the surgical kit to safely spay cats

However much you feel able to give, you will be making a massive difference to so many animals.

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Providing care where no-one else can

In 2019, we sent supplies worth over £268,000 to 66 countries - getting urgent aid to animals which otherwise would have received no veterinary care. In a typical month, we send almost 100 parcels full of supplies to numerous charities working with limited provisions. Our aid parcels are sent to war zones and remote communities to end animal pain and suffering.

We've sent basic flea and tick treatment to Mozambique to stop street dogs dying from chronic tick-borne diseases. We've provided wound care packages to care for donkeys in Zimbabwe afflicted with axe injuries. We've ensured that chimpanzees in Cameroon could be safely tested and protected against the deadly TB disease.

We cannot forget the animals we share this world with during this time. With your support, we can ensure that care is provided, where it is needed most, now.

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