New Project: The Galapagos Animal Doctors

New Project: The Galapagos Animal Doctors

Introducing our newest project: The Galápagos Animal Doctors.

Veterinary care does far more than treat injuries and disease, it prevents ecosystems from being disrupted, diseases being introduced and stops habitats from becoming overwhelmed and overpopulated.

We can help prevent this. We deploy our vets, send expert volunteers, and ship veterinary aid to provide treatment to both wildlife and domesticated animals around the world, to combat predation, competition, and infectious disease introduction, and give our natural world a fighting chance.

Through expert veterinary care, we can simultaneously support animal health and welfare, and protect precious biodiversity in places like the Galápagos Islands.

In the Galápagos Islands, there is an increasing number of domesticated animals that require healthcare across the four inhabited islands of Santa Cruz, Isabela, San Cristobal, and Floreana. An unregulated population of domestic animals not only adversely impacts the biodiversity of the endemic wildlife and their protected ecosystems through predation, competition, and infectious disease introduction, but also results in concerns over their health and welfare.

The economic struggles through the pandemic have only made the situation worse.

There have been large amounts of migration back to the mainland due to the economy revolving almost exclusively on tourism, leaving many buildings empty and many animals behind. Independently, the public has raised their concerns about the growing numbers of dogs and cats, and whilst the government has been fantastic and doing its utmost, it has of course been challenging to conduct sterilisation campaigns during a global pandemic.

After a year of development, the Galápagos Animal Doctors project has been launched to tackle these issues and contribute to the island’s conservation efforts. The project, launched by Pan Animalia and supported by our vets and local governing body ABG, aims to support the health and welfare of the domesticated dogs and cats on the islands whilst managing their growing population to reduce the conflict with the existing wildlife.

Through setting up a veterinary clinic, running outreach and education programmes across the islands, and sustaining it all with a local and international volunteer programme, the project will no doubt make a positive impact on the lives of the wildlife, pets and people who reside there. Click here to learn more about the outreach and volunteering progammes.

Donate today, and support this life-saving work in the Galápagos Islands, and areas worldwide where animals need our help.

To learn more about our conservation efforts through veterinary care, click here.

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