Frequently Asked Questions About Fundraising

Frequently Asked Questions About Fundraising

Got a question about fundraising? We have got the answers to your most frequently asked questions.

How can I get involved with fundraising?

Thank you for your interest in fundraising for WVS! We have different fundraising events and challenges you can get involved in, from running to skydiving, or you can create your own fundraising event or challenge.

How do I create an online fundraising page?

Creating an online fundraising page takes just a few minutes. Set up an online page through JustGiving and donations will come directly to WVS;

  • For JustGiving you will be taken to our page, press 'start fundraising', and either log in or create an account, then explain how you are fundraising, personalise your page, and it's ready to be shared.

  • We also have a sponsorship form for in-person fundraising, email to request one.

Tips for your fundraising page;

  • Make sure you set a fundraising target

  • Add a photo of yourself to personalise your page

  • Share your story and motivations for supporting WVS

  • Explain what we do as a charity and how donations will help, we can help with this if you need!

  • Share a link to one of our videos on YouTube to show people our work

  • Make sure you say thank you to the people supporting you

How can you support me?

Our fundraisers are very important to us, and we make sure to support them as much as possible. We have some free resources that can be used for fundraisers, like tasty animal recipes and party decorations. We can also provide t-shirts for running events and challenges.

You can email us at any time if you need help with planning, promotion, or materials for your fundraiser. We can also help promote your fundraising page on our social media channels.

Do you have any tips for promoting my fundraiser?

  • Let everyone know what you are doing through social media, send a press release to your local paper, or put out flyers

  • Ask your friends and family to share your page

  • Share updates on your journey, if you are training for a challenge or planning your own event, let everyone know how you are getting on

  • Promote your page offline using a QR code on poster and flyers

Do you have any images I can use for my fundraising page?

We would be happy to provide you with some images you can use to promote your page, please email us at and we can send you some.

Can you send me fundraising materials?

We have flyers and leaflets we can send to you if you wish to highlight our work. We also have collection pot labels available that you can print off and use, contact us if you would like one.

How can I use QR codes to raise more money?

Using a QR code is a great way to make more people aware of your fundraising page, as you can create a flyer or poster and include your QR code. This can also be attached to a collection tin so people can donate online.

You can generate a QR code from your JustGiving page using the steps below;

  1. Log in to your JustGiving account and go to your page

  2. Click 'edit your page' in the top-left corner of your screen

  3. Click on the 'share' tab on the left of your screen

  4. Select the QR symbol (the last symbol on the right, next to your envelope email symbol)

Do you have any tips for boosting my donations?

  • Ask your friends and families to donate

  • Incentivise donations with rewards or giveaways

  • Ask your company, or a local business to donate or match your funds

  • Be the first to donate to your page to show everyone how serious you are

  • Share regular updates about your fundraiser through social media

  • Use stories of the animals we have helped and impact figures to encourage people to give, you can find these in our fundraising pack

How do I get a fundraising pack?

Our fundraising pack has lots of additional information that can support your fundraiser. There are different ideas to inspire you, case studies that show the impact voluntary donations have, legal bits to keep in mind, and lots more. Email or call +44 (0)1725 557225 to get a copy of our fundraising pack.

How will the money I raise be used?

The money you raise will help animals that no-one else can, from rescuing and treating sick and injured animals who have no other hope of care, to providing expert training to vets at our centres all over the world, improving the standard of care globally and empowering vets to reach even more animals in need. Your fundraiser will help ship urgent veterinary supplies and equipment around the world to ensure our charity partners have everything they need to alleviate the suffering of animals.

Our work simply couldn't happen without our amazing supporters! Find out more information about our work around the world.

Past Fundraisers

Unsure how you want to fundraise for WVS? Take some inspiration from our supporters who have previously fundraised for us.

Trek Challenge

WVS supporters, Nicky and Gyles, took on the Welsh 3000 Challenge and raised over £500! Over 3 days, they covered almost 30 miles of gruelling terrain, reaching 15 Welsh mountain peaks.

Virtual Rowing

Jo Twomey celebrated turning 50 by virtually rowing from Chesterfield, England (where she lives) to Limerick, Ireland (where she was born), and back, totalling 604 miles (or 972 kms). She raised over £700 for WVS!

Fundraising Event

Acupuncture vet Jane Hunter, vet Ian Paterson and GP Liz Philips, joined forces to raise funds for WVS, Mission Rabies, and Mbwa wa Africa Animal Rescue. They organised two fundraising events where Liz talked about rabies, Ian shared his experiences of volunteering with WVS, and Jane introduced her book 'Acupuncture Tails'.

They raised money through vet practice sponsorship, sales from Jane's book and Liz's donation of her knitted hats and hand-made jewellery. From this, and the generosity of those that attended they managed to raise £900!

Do you want to get involved and start fundraising?

Find out more about the different events and challenges you can get involved in.

Contact us at to talk to us about any ideas you have, or to ask us any other questions.

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