Frightened and alone: Street dog Saved by WVS Thailand

Frightened and alone: Street dog Saved by WVS Thailand

Some areas of Thailand are rife with street dogs. It is estimated that there is around 730,000 street dogs currently in the country. A street dog population like this brings with it its own challenges for both locals and dogs.

WVS is working tirelessly to improve the general health of the street dog population in Thailand and well as removing the negative stigma from some people towards street dogs. Recently one of our volunteers came across a Thai street dog who had been the victim of a series of attacks and had suffered some harrowing injuries as a result.

The dog, named Charles by our team, was found cowering in a dark corner scared of any human or dog that came near him. The dog had suffered serious wounds on his skin and had lost a lot of blood. Long time WVS volunteer Mandy was the person who had found the fearing dog and decided that the best course of action was to take Charles to the safety of the WVS Chiang Mai shelter.

Once Charles had been assessed by WVS vets it was evident that Charles’s gruesome wounds had been as a result of beating from people close to where he was found as well as bite marks from other street dogs who had not taken kindly to him.

Charles clearly needed urgent veterinary treatment to sort his physical wounds as well as some tender loving care to treat the mental damage that he had suffered.

After months of care and attention, Charles is firmly on the road to recovery. His physical wounds have healed and most importantly he has learned to trust the people who care for him most. Every day staff come down to see Charles waiting patiently to be let out to stretch his legs and play with the other dogs.

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