Fighting to Save the Dogs of Malawi: Rocky’s Story

Fighting to Save the Dogs of Malawi: Rocky’s Story

At our rural clinic in Blantyre, Malawi, our vets are busy treating all kinds of injuries. A couple of weeks ago, they met Rocky, a dog with an extremely large head wound.

Rocky’s owner had brought him to the clinic with a huge wound on the back of his head. He had been involved in a dog fight and the wound desperately needed veterinary treatment to prevent even more infection.

He was incredibly worried about his beloved dog and didn’t know what to do. Our team were able to reassure him that Rocky’s injury is completely treatable, but it would take some time before it healed completely.

After cleaning the wound and surrounding area, our vets got to work bandaging his head with wet to dry bandages. Applied when wet, these bandages stick to the wound and remove any dirt and contamination with them when they’ve dried. After 10 days, Rocky’s condition had improved and the wound was healing nicely. Our vets continued to bandage the wound with dressings to keep it moist now all the infections had been removed.

Rocky’s owner continued to visit every day to see how he was doing and we’re excited that he’s now able to go home. Without our centre, owners would have nowhere to turn to for help with their animals and dogs like Rocky would not get the vital care they need. Rocky’s wound would have only got worse, and without treatment, the infections in his wound would have claimed his life.

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