Emergency Rescue for Five Dogs Left Chained in Dilapidated House

Emergency Rescue for Five Dogs Left Chained in Dilapidated House

Last night, the WVS Thailand team received a call from social services and the police who, on arrival at a house in Chiang Mai city, discovered five dogs or various sizes and breeds in appalling conditions.

The dogs' owner was arrested for a completely different crime and is now being treated at a psychiatric hospital, but the police knew they couldn't just leave the dogs in this dilapidated house. They called WVS... and we responded!!

Our team couldn't believe the state of the place. Some of the dogs were in cramped, filthy cages and others were just tied up, unable to move around amongst the rubble. It is unclear how long they'd been left like this, but it was one of the worst cases of neglect our team had seen.

All five dogs were safely transported to our centre and today, our vets began their assessments of the mistreated animals. Once their health and overall condition has improved we will endeavour to find new loving homes for each of them but for now, they are receiving regular care at our centre and will spend their days at our shelter in Hang Dong. WVS is dedicated to saving animals like this from a life of pain and neglect, responding to emergencies and providing veterinary care for animals who have no one else.

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