Dog With Horrific Knife Wound Saved By WVS

Recently our WVS India team faced the challenging task of caring for a dog who had been attacked with a knife. The suffering dog, called Vellaya, was found in a yard outside a house close to the WVS India clinic with a gaping wound across her snout. She was in visible pain and was brought into our clinic as an emergency case late at night, requiring urgent veterinary care.

Our WVS India team set to work on cleaning Vellaya's wound and got her ready to go into emergency surgery. Thanks to YOU, the veterinary care that Vellaya rceeived with WVS was of the highest quality, giving her the best chance of making a full recovery after the ordeal that she has suffered.

The swift actions of our team meant that the displaced fragments of bone could be removed and wounds closed up quickly and efficiently. Vellaya's wounds are now healing nicely and she is recovering well at our clinic.

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