Dog Saved from Vicious Barbed Wire Stuck Around Her Neck

Dog Saved from Vicious Barbed Wire Stuck Around Her Neck

Recently, the WVS Ooty clinic received a call about a street dog spotted in the district in visible discomfort. A response team was sent out and soon, the dog in question was found. Wendy, as she was named, was found with jagged barbed wire wrapped tightly around her neck.

Finding Wendy one was thing, but treating her injuries as quickly as possible was another challenge entirely. Her condition was deteriorating, with the rusty wiring and deep wounds around her neck becoming the perfect place for life-threatening infections to thrive. Wendy was taken back to the WVS clinic and was released from her unintended wire collar as soon as possible. Over the past two weeks Wendy’s wound have been treated and our vets kept a careful eye on her progress. Thankfully, there has been no sign of infection and her previously gaping wounds have been stitched up and are healing nicely.

Sadly, Wendy will be left with some visible scarring on the skin around her neck to remind her of her incident with the barbed wire. However, this is a small price to pay for what could have been a fatal injury without the help of WVS and the amazing Ooty team. Wendy was lucky, but there are still countless dogs around the world that have no one to help them in these situations. Donate today so that WVS can help more dogs in need.

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