Dog Injured Protecting Owner’s Property Gets Treated at WVS Clinic

Dog Injured Protecting Owner’s Property Gets Treated at WVS Clinic

Our clinic in Blantyre, Malawi is offering a vital service for animals in the region, treating many injured animals who would otherwise go without the veterinary care they need. One recent case was Zebra…

Zebra was brutally attacked by someone with a machete when he tried to protect his owner’s property from an intruder. He was very afraid, and despite his injuries, fled his attacker and was missing for the next day. His owners were increasingly concerned about where he could be. When he returned later that day, they noticed the horrific injuries Zebra was suffering from. Most of his right front paw was hacked off, bleeding considerable and his tail was terribly mutilated. It was only attached by some tissue and both injuries must have been causing Zebra severe pain.

The owners heard about the services our vets were providing at the WVS clinic in Blantyre and rushed him there immediately. He was in a terrible state and in shock when he arrived but the team were determined to help him. They put Zebra on a drip, gave him pain killers and antibiotics to allow him to recover a little before dealing with his injured limbs. After a few days, he was well enough for surgery and the WVS veterinary team performed amputations of the right front leg and tail. 

The operation went well and Zebra is recovering very well. His owner has already visited him and is so thankful to WVS for saving his dog’s life. As soon as he is well enough, he can go home again! Zebra will continue to recuperate at our clinic for the next few days and loves our nurse Ellie who gave him lots of TLC when he was very sick. We know if he could speak, he’d be saying ’Thank you for saving me’.

Thanks to your support and the dedication of our team working in Blantyre, we are able to make a real difference here, helping animals like Zebra who would be unlikely to survive if it was not for this veterinary service. 

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