Dog Battling Mange Gets Rescued by Blantyre Vets!

Dog Battling Mange Gets Rescued by Blantyre Vets!

Our clinic in Blantyre often receives calls from the local police about animals that have been confiscated from horrific situations. Nala was one such case.

Back in January, Nala was brought to our clinic suffering from a terrible case of mange. Almost two thirds of her body had lost its fur, infecting her beautiful coat and causing her skin to be incredibly painful. Even her face was struggling with the infection. Left untreated, Nala would not have survived. Despite her relentless need to itch, she battled through and our vets began a treatment plan straight away. One month later and she was already showing vast improvement, and her fur was returning to her body, with just the remaining signs of mange on her legs. She began exploring our centre and was pleased to greet our veterinary team each morning!

Now, three months since she arrived, Nala is a happy and beautiful dog with a full coat of fur. This healthy dog is now ready to be rehomed with a family in the local community. Without access to this vital veterinary care, Nala would just be another animal left in pain. We strive to treat every animal in need in the communities in which we work, but none of it is possible without you. Your support can allow us to treat more dogs like Nala, that come into our centre unexpectedly and in need of urgent treatment! Please consider a donation today and together, we can be the difference!

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