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Collapsed and Emaciated Dog Recovers at WVS Thailand

Wed 13th Feb 2019

A tourist found little Lasy collapsed by the roadside in Chiang Rai province. She was very weak and so skinny that her ribs were clearly visible. Not only was she emaciated, she was covered with wounds all over her small body. The before and after photo below just shows the state she was in when she arrived at WVS.  

The tourist couldn’t leave her in this state. With no other transport, but dedicated to helping this little dog, her new rescuer put her in his backpack and drove his motorbike all the way to the WVS Rescue & Rehabilitation Centre in Hang Dong. This long journey would have taken him over four hours, but we are so grateful to find animal lovers all over the world committed to helping an animal in need.

On arrival at our centre, Lasy was immediately taken in for examination. Our Thai veterinary team weren’t able to find any more serious injuries, so after cleaning up her external wounds and with plenty of rest and good food, Lasy is on her way to making a full recovery. 

She has become a very affectionate and playful dog, quickly becoming a favourite amongst the team and volunteers. At only a 1-2 years old, we are confident she’ll make a fantastic family pet once she’s fully recovered and found a new loving home!

Not all dogs are as lucky as Lasy. Please help us be there for more dogs in need of veterinary care and give more animals in need a second chance at life. Donating even a small amount today could save a life!