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Blantyre Puppy Learns to Navigate Life on Three Legs

Wed 3rd Jul 2019

Our clinic in Blantyre acts as a veterinary hub for the entire community, providing emergency treatments for pets and stray animals that would otherwise go without care. Last week, our vets met Promise, a four-month-old puppy in a terrible condition. 

Promise had been playing with some of the other dogs from the neighbourhood, when a passing car hit her. Her owner, a young child from the district of Ndirande in Blantyre, immediately brought her to our community clinic to be examined. Some of the skin on her leg had been torn away during the crash and she was suffering from multiple broken bones. Promise was given some pain relief and our vets began to clean the wounds on her hind leg. 

Our vets x-rayed Promise to determine the extent of the damage. Unfortunately, it was clear the leg could not be saved – the impact with the car had left her with a number of crushed bones that could simply not be repaired. The rest of Promise’s family soon arrived at the clinic and our vets explained that she needed her leg amputated. The family were very concerned about this, so one of our vets showed them a video of Savannah, a dog who had required an amputation a few months earlier. The video showed Savannah happily running around on three legs and playing with her owner at home. 

Promise is a playful puppy, so the family were relieved to see how happy and active Savannah was. They gave consent for the operation and our vets got to work! Promise recovered amazingly well and was soon hobbling around the clinic, adjusting to her new situation. Promise welcomed our vets with a friendly face every morning and soon became one of their favourite patients. She returned home just three days later and is already bounding around on three legs!

The family have just brought her back for a check-up and she is doing really well! Promise’s family were so pleased that our vets were there to help. They would have had nowhere else to go if our clinic was not there. 

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