Back on his Feet: Dog Rescued by WVS Thailand After Road Traffic Accident

Back on his Feet: Dog Rescued by WVS Thailand After Road Traffic Accident

Unfortunately, our team in Thailand regularly receive calls about dogs involved in road traffic accidents. Up to 20 rescue cases come through the doors of our ITC every week, with 70% of these turning up unannounced as emergencies and 30% picked up by our rescue teams after calls from concerned citizens.

Ramos was just one of these dogs. He had been hit by a car in a busy part of Chiang Mai and was rushed to our centre for treatment. He was suffering from lesions on his skin and there was the worry about internal injuries and broken bones.

After initial examination, it was clear the injuries to Ramos’ legs were causing him a lot of pain and so our vets set to work cleaning and debriding the wounds on his front and hind legs where the skin and tissue had been damaged. Thankfully, he had not sustained any more serious injuries, so with regular medication and cleaning of his wounds, Ramos was set to make a full recovery!!

He is now back on his feet and recovering from his ordeal with the other dogs at our shelter!

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