WVS Academy: An online resource for vets everywhere

WVS Academy: An online resource for vets everywhere

Introducing the WVS Academy. An online platform that provides vets across the world – from Asia to Africa, and everywhere in between – with access to high-quality, engaging, relevant, and peer-reviewed resources to guide best clinical practice in any setting.

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A tool for vets everywhere

Expert resources and professional development opportunities are often inaccessible to the vast majority of vets, either due to the price or availability in developing countries. There is a need to address this gap in educational opportunities for vets who would benefit greatly, but who are also currently excluded. That's why we've created a community for vets from all countries, cultures, and educational institutions to browse resources and progress their skills across a broad range of subjects.

Built by vets, for vets

The WVS Academy is a practical resource developed to help guide veterinary teams working in resource-limited environments. Developed by our international team of experienced vets, who have first-hand experience working in such settings, the online platform provides vets with immediate access to relevant information for field conditions.

A One Health focus

Across the world, veterinary education is at the very core of food production, disease control, animal welfare, and economic prosperity. At ground level, the knowledge and practices of the veterinary sector have a significant impact in these areas, however, access to high-quality, peer-reviewed educational materials are limited for most vets around the world. The WVS Academy, a project supported by the Marchig Animal Welfare Trust and IDEXX, is designed to help empower veterinary professionals to improve the health and welfare of animals, and the people they live alongside.

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It’s not just the veterinary community that can have a huge impact on One Health, but the individual vets themselves. For example, when treating a farmer's milking cow back to health or controlling disease outbreaks, the vet’s actions have direct consequences for the livelihood of the farmer and their family, as well as a broader impact on public health. A veterinarian’s analgesic drug choices when preparing for surgery directly impact the safety, comfort, and wellbeing of the animals they operate on. Antimicrobial resistance is one of the greatest public health threats of our generation, and it is largely the practices of veterinarians that will safeguard (or diminish) the efficacy of this crucial class of drugs. Limited access to quality, evidence-based veterinary education is hampering development where it is most needed.

Learn: Gain skills and knowledge

Our spay-neuter surgical training courses are at the core of what we do. We host these programmes year-round at our International Training Centres across India and Thailand to provide veterinary students and professionals with hands-on experience.

Now, through the WVS Academy, we’re able to share this course material online – covering all aspects of Animal Birth Control surgeries, from initial clinical examination right through to recovery, as well as post-wound and pain scoring prior to release. Whether you have attended one of our courses or not, these peer-reviewed resources serve as an ongoing reference for techniques, methods, and theory to support veterinary professionals in their continued learning and development.

Are you a member of WVS? Or have you participated in a course with us? You are eligible for full access to the WVS Academy. To receive a login, please contact wvsacademy@wvs.org.uk.

Quick Reference: Access key resources

Need the right information quickly? Head to the Quick Reference section. It’s a place where you can get immediate access to the commonly needed parameters you’ll need when working in a busy clinic. Everything from laboratory and clinical parameters to useful downloads to print and display in the surgery, such as pre-surgical protocols. Simply select a species and jump straight to the information you require.

Research Spotlight: The latest news

This section is your one-stop shop for keeping up with clinical research. Veterinary research continues to challenge convention and push the boundaries of understanding, to improve the ways in which we treat our animal patients. It is often difficult for practicing vets and clinic managers to stay up to date with the latest news, due to there being so many areas of research and endless scientific journals, which are frequently not accessible outside academic settings. Our Research Spotlight section hosts concise and engaging reviews of current research relevant to the field veterinary setting.

Case Reports: Real-life cases

Real-life cases from the frontline direct to you. In the Case Reports section, you’ll find clinical examples of the types of cases our vet's worldwide deal with. Each case is peer-reviewed by a veterinary specialist volunteer who provides tips and advice to help guide vets facing similar dilemmas in resource-limited settings, through diagnosis and treatment. A breadth of subjects is covered in each Case Report, which links to our relevant course material, should you wish to study a particular area in more depth.

A growing community

With help from Dogs Trust Worldwide, the Marchig Animal Welfare Trust, and so many others supporters, we have been delivering practical training courses to vets for over 15 years and reached over 5,000 vets. But so much more is needed. By making our educational content available online, we can provide ongoing support to past participants, as well as extend this access to anyone with an internet connection. We can also broaden our training materials, providing opportunities to educate vets on a wider range of medical and surgical topics in multiple species. Each topic is aimed at relevant "in the field" material at a practical level, thereby supporting vets wherever they are and with whatever challenges they face, so they never feel alone.

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Share your feedback with us. The WVS Academy is an ever-growing resource and a community, and as such, we welcome your feedback to wvsacademy@wvs.org.uk. By working together, we can keep improving our resources and supporting the global veterinary community as best we can.

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