Abandoned Puppy Overcomes Life-threatening Illnesses thanks to WVS Thailand

Abandoned Puppy Overcomes Life-threatening Illnesses thanks to WVS Thailand

Last week in Chiang Mai, a local lady took her car to a garage but came across something she never expected. In a dark corner of the workshop, she discovered a tiny abandoned puppy. When she picked up the little bundle, she realised that the pup was in a bad way and barely alive.

The lady knew that the WVS Thailand community clinic, with its excellent team of veterinarians, would offer this little dog the best chance of survival and brought her to us as quickly as possible.

An initial examination by our veterinary team revealed a litany of problems: serious dehydration, blood parasites, severe anemia as well as poor liver and kidney function. Any one of these ailments by itself could be life-threatening to a dog this young so Debbie had done extremely well to survive this long.

For a few days, it was touch and go for little Debbie but our team fought hard to get her stabilised and, although she is still very weak, she now responds with affection to the attentions of her caregivers.

Our vets think that Debbie now has a good chance to grow into a happy and healthy dog, but she will need many more weeks of intensive treatment and monitoring before we can find her a new home. She will continue to receive care and rehabilitation at our shelter with the many other dogs rescued from disastrous circumstances by WVS Thailand and given a new lease of life.

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