A Vet Nurse in Malawi: Ellie's Story

A Vet Nurse in Malawi: Ellie's Story

Our Vet Nurse Bursary gives qualified vet nurses the opportunity to volunteer abroad with their costs covered all in the name of providing sustainable veterinary care for the animals that need it most.

One the recipients of this bursary (the fantastic Ellie) spoke to us about her experience at the WVS clinic in Blantyre, Malawi:

365 days a year, WVS and Mission Rabies are the cornerstone of veterinary care and animal welfare in the Malawian district of Blantyre.

Soon after arriving and getting settled in at WVS’ Blantyre Centre I was working in the clinic alongside the other volunteers from around the world as well as the local vets, treated animals in need utilising the key skills that I use every day in my practice in the UK! When animals arrive at the clinic, some are in a terrible condition. Some owners walk for hours as they know that WVS’s clinic is the only lifeline for their animal. The bond between owner and pet is a special link, so being able to treat them and deliver them back to their owners as healthy animals is a very rewarding feeling!

Malawi is a stunning country, so being able to see some of this amazing country during my time off was an experience that I will never forget. Visiting the Majete Wildlife Reserve allowed me to see lions, giraffes, black rhinos and other incredible wildlife in their natural environment. Being able to relax in this environment felt a world away from work at the clinic! During my time in Malawi I also went out on a Mission Rabies vaccination drive in Blantyre City. Mission Rabies set up a static vaccination point in the city of Blantyre, which allowed locals to bring their dogs to get vaccinated for free. It was amazing to see the energy and drive that the Mission Rabies team had for the vaccination drive as well as the amount of dogs that were vaccinated!

Whilst working on the vaccination drive I spotted Jipah, a young dog who had suffered a substantial injury to his front leg. Jipah was clearly in serious discomfort so he was taken to the clinic in order to receive proper medical attention. Following several surgeries and an amputation, Jipah is now a happy and healthy dog! Jipah’s owner was so grateful for the veterinary care that we were able to offer him and personally it was incredible to be able to stop this dog from suffering and have such a profound effect on his quality of life! 4 more Vet Nurse Bursaries remain available in 2019. The bursary would allow you to visit one of WVS’s project sites from around the world with all your costs covered. An incredible opportunity for you to gain hands on experience outside of your usual working conditions with some unique cases all whist boosting your CV.

For more information please click here. If you would like to apply for one of our Vet Nurse Bursaries please email your CV and covering letter to vetnursebursary@wvs.org.uk or post it to us at: 4 Castle Street, Cranborne, Dorset, BH21 5PZ

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