A Tumour As Large As a Fist Threatens Dog’s Life at WVS Thailand

A Tumour As Large As a Fist Threatens Dog’s Life at WVS Thailand

Duk Dik is an older female dog who was brought to the WVS clinic in Thailand two months ago. This little dog is cared for by a local lady who rescues strays. The lady takes care for her rescues as best she can, but has very little money to do so.

A mass had developed on Duk Dik’s lower abdomen and by the time our veterinarians saw her it had reached the size of a large man’s fist. Sadly, it had not been reported early enough when the mass was still small so it now had a large impact on the small dog’s body. Our vets determined that this was a mast cell tumour, which could be operated on once her overall health was good enough. Two weeks ago, the time came for Duk Dik’s operation. She’d been eating well and was back to overall good health. Everybody at WVS Thailand was rooting for a successful outcome. Thanks to the excellent skills of our veterinary team, she survived the difficult surgery and last week was safely returned to her carer. Our team will continue to check up on her to ensure she remains healthy.

Duk Dik’s case is a reminder of the importance of checking pets regularly for any unusual growths. Even benign tumours like Duk dik’s are difficult and risky to remove once they grow this large! If you want to ensure other animals like Duk Dik get the life-saving medical care they need, please consider donating today! Even a small amount can save a dog’s life!

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