WVS Vets Transform Dog from Matted Mess to Healthy Hero

WVS Vets Transform Dog from Matted Mess to Healthy Hero

Fuzz arrived at the WVS centre in Thailand in a terrible state.

He had been living on the streets for quite some time – his owner moved away and left him behind with no one to care for him. This dishevelled little dog was facing a tough future, barely getting by on his own and struggling for food. That all changed when he was brought to the WVS clinic. His fur had been growing continuously and with no one to help him, it had begun to impact his health. By the time he arrived, his coat was completely matted and crawling with bugs. Parasites had been gradually eating away at his skin and attacking his little body with all kinds of disease.

Before our vets could even get a close look at Fuzz, he needed a radical haircut and a thorough bath. Our nurses got to work cleaning him up, taking care to remove all the matted fur and clean his skin. The change in his demeanour was almost instantaneous! He is now able to move and breathe freely again, allowing the vets to start treating the parasites. Three days later and Fuzz was already showing signs of improvement. Our team are medicating his skin daily, and continue to treat the parasites until he is free from disease and pain. It will take a while before Fuzz is fully healed but he is well on his way to recovery!

Homeless dogs like Fuzz have no one else to turn to. This is why centres like our Thailand clinic are so crucial. If you would like to give more dogs like Fuzz the chance of a healthy and happy future, please donate today!

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