Patient Spotlight: Maggot-wound treatment for Moby

Patient Spotlight: Maggot-wound treatment for Moby

Moby, a stray dog in India, was suffering with a severe maggot wound on his head and was in urgent need of help. Alone and fending for himself on the streets, Moby's future was not looking bright. Your support has helped turn his life around.

Thankfully, Moby was rescued and brought to our centre in Ooty where he could receive expert veterinary care. He is very nervous of humans, and has required extra love and patience from our team throughout his treatment journey.

The first step was a thorough clean of his wound to remove all the maggots that were eating away at him. For ten days, wet to dry bandages were used to help commence the wound healing process ahead of his surgery. Under general anesthesia, a 'caudal auricular axial pattern flap' was performed, a procedure which provides skin coverage for large wounds on the head.

With plenty of tasty meals, a safe place to heal, and expert care from our team, Moby began to turn the corner. Fast forward to a few weeks later, and Moby is recovering very well. Without treatment from WVS vets, Moby would have continued to struggle on, alone and in pain. Your support enables our veterinary teams to treat and care for animals in places where access to care is limited or non-existent. Thank you for being a hero for animals like Moby.

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