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Welcome to Young Vets Club - the wildest club in the world. Join adventure vets, Luke and Jess, on their quest to help animals of all sizes around the world!

Young Vets Club

Sponsor a dog

If you don't have space to rehome a pooch why not consider sponsoring one from our Thailand shelter? Kwak, Happy and Karu and all their friends are long terms residents at WVS Thailand and they’d LOVE to get to know you!

Sponsor a dog

Become a vet

Want to help animals like Luke and Jess when you grow up? Find out here!

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Join Young Vets Club and start your animal adventure now – prices range from £3 a month or £30 a year. You’ll receive a starter pack and two issues of Young Vet Club magazine a year. This is chock full of puzzles, games, and exclusive competitions. Find out more about our work with animal welfare in all four corners of the globe and become a mini vet adventurer yourself!

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"Join us at the frontline of animal welfare!"

- Luke Gamble, Vet