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Zuboraj has died

Wed 13th Dec 2017

On the 5th December we were notified that a male lion was languishing in a Bangladesh zoo. His plight was heartbreaking and the call for help absolute.

We immediately organised for WVS vet Dr Mujib to visit Zuboraj and assess the situation first hand. His report was distressing and it was clear Zuboraj was near the end of his life.

Over the last two weeks we have been striving to get the permissions to send in a dedicated wildlife team to help Zuboraj end his days with dignity, but before permissions were granted we were informed he had passed away. We’d like to thank all our members who cared so much and tried so hard to raise the awareness to get Zuboraj the help he deserved. There are many more Zuboraj’s in places like this and we’ll never give up trying to champion animals like him.

 Luke Gamble, WVS CEO said: “The only consolation in this is that Zuboraj is at peace. His plight underlines the suffering captive animals have to endure in places like this and why zoos such as these should not exist.”