Zomba is go!

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Zomba is go!

Mon 8th Aug 2016

This weekend was a very busy one for the vets and volunteers of WVS at our new veterinary project in Zomba.

The WVS small team in Zomba, which is being led by our International Training Manager, Dr. Dagmar Mayer have managed to sterilise twenty three dogs in just one day as well as 2 cats. Dagmar and her team have also treated a few other injuries sustained by animals and 5 TVTs.
The people in Zomba are so friendly and are very curious about the veterinary work that we do, they are asking lots of questions and every person seems to know a story about somebody who died of rabies!

Our colleagues at Mission Rabies were also as equally busy and undertook a high volume of vaccinations during day 1 of their rabies vaccination drive. In total, they vaccinated 1308 animals in just one day which was made up of 1067 dogs and 241 cats. Likewise with WVS, the rabies vaccination programme has opened with a really warm welcome from members of the local community.

We will provide you all with another update on this as soon as possible.