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Wed 19th Jul 2017

Last month, the WVS team in Blantyre met Casper who was brought to the clinic with a severe eye tumour. Our Veterinary Manager Dr Dagmar Mayer tells us about Casper’s story.  

When Casper was brought to us, upon initial examination we thought her left eye would have to be removed. But then we discovered a TVT (transmissible venereal tumour) on her vulva and suspected an ocular version of the same problem. These tumours are spread to genitals when dogs with TVTs are mating, but occasionally other body parts can be affected as well.

Casper was sterilised to prevent her from passing on the tumour to other dogs and treatment with Vincristine was started.

Our vets often perform sterilisations on dogs received at the clinic in Blantyre to keep the population healthy and under control. Alongside our sister charity Mission Rabies’ vaccination drives in the area, these surgeries performed by the WVS vets are vital for ensuring the health and welfare of these dogs.

After three weeks of treatment, the growth on Casper’s eyelid is hardly visible!

It is rare that vets are able to give a dog back their vision but in Casper’s case, it was a success! Every week when she is picked up for her treatment, she greets Malawian veterinary assistant Difence with such enthusiasm and leaps into the vehicle, even when her owners are not there!

Casper is another success story from WVS Malawi and we wish her all the best in her recovery!