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WVS Thailand Support Saved Souls Foundation with Aid Parcels and Veterinary Training

Fri 14th Jun 2019

Back in February, our Director of Operations at WVS Thailand, Ian Clarke, received a call from a local charity called Saved Souls Foundation (SSF). Based in a rural location in the quiet township of Ban Kok Gnam near the city of Khon Kaen, SSF is a 10 hour drive from our centre in Chiang Mai - we immediately headed there to see how we could help!

Our team is dedicated to helping as many animals as possible. By supporting other like-minded charities in Thailand through our outreach programmes, we’re able to help have a much larger impact for animals across the region. 

SSF currently care for 500 dogs, 45 cats, 4 pigs and a small selection of other rescued animals from the local area, all housed in runs allowing for communal living where possible. Since the initial discussions regarding collaboration and support, we have been able to assist the dedicated but small team at SSF by providing rabies vaccines, combi-vaccines, flea and tick treatment for the entire shelter. Although rabies is not prevalent here, diseases such as Parvo and Distemper are ever present and often elevated during the change of seasons when flash flooding occurs and can lead to the spread of viruses between enclosures. 

We are glad we’ve been able to help protect the residents at the shelter against disease, but our support doesn’t stop with aid parcels. We help administer the vaccines and we’re also assisting with veterinary training! The two enthusiastic Thai vets who currently run the clinic at SSF are due to attend one of our surgical training courses at ITC Thailand at the end of this month, giving them the skills and confidence needed to improve efficiency and care at the clinic long-term. A vet and vet nurse from our centre will be travelling to SSF to cover for them during this period, meaning that animals at SSF will get the care they need while their vets can get the latest training at the ITC. Our hope is that we will also be able to run joint sterilisation clinics for animals in the future, drawing together our skills, knowledge and expertise to change the lives of animals in the surrounding rural villages.

We’re incredibly proud to be able to aid such a passionate and hardworking local NGO! Together, we can improve the health and welfare of animals in need across Thailand!!

If you work for a charity that needs support, or know of one that could benefit from one of our aid parcels, please register here and we will do our best to support wherever we can!