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WVS Launches New Return to Work Surgical Courses

Thu 29th Mar 2018

Here at WVS, we're excited to announce the launch of a brand new surgical course aimed at vets returning to the profession following a career break...

This seven day course is a new and innovative way for vets who have taken a career break to renew their surgical skills and practical applications in a supportive, friendly and beautiful environment. Based just outside of Chiang Mai, near the foothills of the Thai mountains, with scenic views of paddy fields looking towards Doi Su Thep (mountain), the Jeanne Marchig International Training Centre is in the forefront of animal welfare and surgical training and provides the perfect location for this course.

This compact course will enable you to once again meet your client with confidence, in the knowledge that you have refreshed your skills including client relations and diagnostics. With one-to-one practical support and small group tuition from supportive colleagues, you will be able to re-familiarise yourself with key surgeries.

The aims of WVS around the world are to relieve suffering of animals by education of local populations and veterinary surgeons in best animal welfare practise. Our standards are of the highest level, ensuring both animals and participants are given the best support and care.

Whilst attending this course, you will not only benefit yourself by refreshing your skills, but you will have the knowledge that you have helped animals that would otherwise not have received veterinary care. 

The Jeanne Marchig centre has modern facilities including wi-fi and all the amenities you would need to keep in touch with loved ones back home. Take advantage of using the lovely swimming pool during your leisure time. Accommodation will be at a local hotel within walking distance of the centre. 

Keep an eye out on our trips page for available dates coming soon! 

For more information on the course, please email Chris or call us on 01725 557225