WVS Investigates Emaciated Lion in Bangladeshi Zoo

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WVS Investigates Emaciated Lion in Bangladeshi Zoo

Mon 4th Dec 2017

At 18, this king of the jungle is already past the limit of a lion’s average life span. He doesn’t eat, is close to death, and his suffering unbearable. Comilla Zoo’s sole lion, Zuboraj, has lost his mighty roar.

Recent news of this emaciated lion at Comilla Zoo in Bangladesh has been gaining interest around the world in the last few weeks. We were alerted to this distressing case and immediately sent one of our veterinary representatives to the zoo.

Dr Mujibur Rahaman has been liaising with zoo officials and has a meeting with government veterinarians and officials today to try and gain permission for us to access the lion to provide treatment.

The zoo, along with a botanical garden was established in 1985 on 10.15 acre land of the district administration in Comilla town, Bangladesh. Besides the lone lion, the zoo displays a total of eight monkeys, three moor fowls and three deers.

“Today I visited Comilla Zoo and Zoological garden with permission of the CEO, DC office and met with Zuboraj, an Indian Lion. Without a clinical exam it is difficult to determine Zuboraj’s medical condition, but objectively he is weak, depressed and emaciated. Zuboraj was born on 20 May 2001 and brought from Chittagong Zoo to here during November 2004. Once he became ill, it was suggested to keep him isolated but he was kept in the same case covered with a gunny bag," said Dr Mujib.

We will keep you updated on this case with more results as soon as we hear them.

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