WVS Hicks Vets Save Dog with Crusted Infected Skin

WVS Hicks Vets Save Dog with Crusted Infected Skin

When two men from the local Goan community rescued Cristina, a small dog with a severe skin infection, our vets set to work trying to save her…

Cristy, nicknamed Crusty when our team first met her, was found abandoned late at night by the food stalls in Mapusa. Two local men found her and cycled all the way to the Hicks in the rain to ensure she got the treatment she desperately needed.

When she arrived, she couldn’t even stand, wasn’t eating and seemed very agitated. Her skin had crusted completely, with most of her body infected but she was willing herself to survive. Her condition was rapidly deteriorating but our vets set to work putting her on fluid therapy and after two days she began to eat and her eyes brightened. She seemed happier to be handled by our vets so it was time to tackle her skin condition which was a larger problem.

Her entire body was inflamed and infected but our veterinarians started her on medication to treat her skin and fight the infection. Her skin began to dry up and one of our volunteers Candice and vet Dr. Anahita gently peeled her crusty skin every day and treated her with a herbal oil massage to sooth her damaged skin. Oral supportive tonics and medicated baths made a big difference to Cristy’s condition and she improved in just two weeks.

Her skin was now grey as it would take time for her fur to grow back but she was already becoming much more playful.

Karen, our foster care volunteer, was kind enough to take further care of Christy at her loving home and kept us updated about Christy's progress and it was a miracle to see how well she was doing. Just two days later Christy was back at the Hicks ITC to be spayed.

After some good food and lots of love, Cristy is now fully recovered from her condition and her lovely fur has regrown. All that’s left is for her to find her forever home!!

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