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Mon 27th Nov 2017

The first edition of our brand new newspaper, the WVS Dispatch, is now on its way to our many supporters up and down the country! Keep an eye out for the post to have a read of all our highlights from the last six months. 

Inside this edition is a look at our project in Malawi, treating the dogs of Blantyre district, as well as a summary of all the exciting things that have been going on at our three International Training Centres. You can also read up on some of our incredible rescues and case studies of animals who have been brought back from the brink thanks to our skilled veterinary teams! 

As well as all this, find out how you can take part in our WVS Christmas Parcel Appeal, launching tomorrow, where we are striving to send out a record number of life-saving parcels to animal charities all around the globe, to help animals in need this Christmas. But we need your help!! 

Or why not take on a mega fundraising challenge for WVS in 2018 - we've got an incredible Jurassic Coast Trek taking place in May, and a superb Thai Jungle Trek which even includes a stop off at our ITC and Dog Shelter! 

Read about all this and more in the brand new WVS Dispatch!

To order a copy of the WVS Dispatch if you have not already received one, or to request some for your veterinary practice, please click here