WVS Celebrates World Spay Day 2018

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WVS Celebrates World Spay Day 2018

Tue 27th Feb 2018

Today is World Spay Day, the international day to mark the importance of spay and neuter surgery in promoting a healthy animal population. As always, WVS is getting involved!! Across our projects, spay and neuter programmes are a part of our daily veterinary work. Today, our teams will be aiming to spay even more animals to highlight the importance of the procedure as an effective way of decreasing the numbers of homeless animals and establishing a healthy population.

Millions of animals are living stray on the streets around the world, and with little to no veterinary care available, they often breed uncontrollably and consequently struggle for the necessary resources needed to survive. Overpopulation is often dealt with in inhumane ways, with Governments resorting to cruel methods of reducing the numbers due to desperation and lack of education. By preventing litters and offering this service free of charge in places where limited funds are a serious issue, our veterinary teams are providing these key surgeries to promote a higher level of animal welfare.

At our International Training Centre in India, the team performs an average of 20 spay and neuter surgeries per day, with 40-60 additional birth control surgeries being performed at our other projects across the country. More and more owners are understanding the benefits of sterilisation, and are bringing their pet dogs and cats for surgery. Unwanted puppies are often abandoned on the streets and are a major source of the stray dog issue in India. Therefore, it is important for both owned and stray dogs in this region to be operated on to avoid these unplanned litters. 

Following on from the successes of previous World Spay Day activities, mega ‘spayathons’ will be taking place at WVS projects around the world today, encouraging owners to bring in their pets for sterilisation, and ensuring a healthier street dog population!

Are you a vet or previous volunteer? Share your photos of your World Spay Day surgeries with us on social media!