World Wildlife Day

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World Wildlife Day 2017

Fri 3rd Mar 2017

Today is World Wildlife Day, this global event occurs every year to raise awareness of endangered animals and plants and how to combat wildlife crime.

Elephants, pangolins, tigers and rhinos are amongst some of the most critically endangered and trafficked species across the world.

This years theme is 'Listen to the young voices' which focuses on encouraging young people (as the future leaders and decision makers of the world) to take action on both local and global levels to protect endangered wildlife. 

At WVS, we are working with our partners the FPWC with the rescue and rehabiliation of three lions who were living an unimaginable existance in the 'World's Saddest Zoo' in Armenia and thanks to money raised by our amazing supporters, we were able to build a dedicated facility for the lions to live in.

Our intention is to use this Wildlife Rescue Centre to rescue and rehabiliate other wildlife. From injured wolves to bears that require rescuing from a terrible existance from performing in restaurants. We want to provide the veterinary care that these animals desperately require and then either release them back into the wild, or if this is not possible - to find them a permanent home where they can live comfortably without being subject to abuse.

We still need funds to help us achieve this and would welcome any donations that you are able to make. 

Together, we can work together to help protect and preseve the wildlife of Armenia.