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World Wildlife Day

Mon 2nd Mar 2015

World Wildlife Day is an opportunity to celebrate the many beautiful and varied forms of creatures and to raise awareness of the multitude of benefits that conservation provides to people.

At WVS, we are committed to the protection and treatment of animals worldwide and to the end of wildlife crime. Period. 

Our Parcel Appeal is at the forefront of what we do;

Every day, we send veterinary parcels to all corners of the globe, so we can sustainably support 750 animal welfare charities around the world. These parcels are a lifeline for the animals and they will save lives. 

From wound dressings, pain relief, antibiotics, tick and flea treatment to the syringes to administer that pain relief, these supplies are the difference between life and death for these animals. 

The Nosara Refuge for Wildlife houses very young orphaned Howler Monkeys in Costa Rica, which have been burnt by electric wires. The Refuge receives and treats all types of wild animals, but the Howler Monkeys have become their specialty. 

We were able to provide a particular supply of ointment which is used to help by vets treat animals suffering from burns. In other parts of the world, dogs suffer needlessly from preventable diseases such as mange and from fleas and ticks. 

Just £20 will enable us to send a veterinary aid parcels full of life saving supplies to a WVS associated charity.

For every donation, you will receive details on which charity your money has helped.

How you can donate

Donate via text. Text PRCL13 + amount to 70070. By texting PRCL13 £20 to 70070 you will enable us to send a 2 kg parcel of veterinary supplies to an associated charity.

Send a cheque made payable to WVS to:

Worldwide Veterinary Service
14 Wimborne Street
BH21 5PP