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World Veterinary Day 2018: WVS Vets Around the World

Tue 1st May 2018

Last weekend we celebrated World Veterinary Day, but every day is like World Veterinary Day on our projects!

Around the world, our teams of vets and vet nurses have been busy helping more animals in need! From animal birth control demonstrations and talks in Myanmar, to assisting our sister charity with their vaccination campaign in Malawi, there was lots going on this World Veterinary Day.

WVS Thailand were invited to Myanmar to demonstrate procedures and protocols for best practice in regards to Animal Birth Control. The Myanmar Veterinary Association and Yangon Animal Shelter hosted the WVS team for a day of demonstrations, vaccinations and sterilisations targeting the local street dog population in the densely populated city of Yangon. Through demonstrations and the following meetings, WVS Thailand was able to show world-leading techniques for the spay and neutering of street dogs, coupled with information and statistics to prove that humane animal birth control provides enormously better results than the barbaric culling that still takes place in many countries throughout southeast Asia.

WVS Thailand would like to extend their thanks to the Myanmar Veterinary Association, Yangon Animal Shelter, local volunteers and the government of Myanmar for giving us this opportunity to lead the way in animal birth control procedures throughout the country.

Over at WVS India, Clinical Director Ilona Otter responded quickly when she came across an injured calf on the side of the road whilst driving home. Two men were trying to help the animal but luckily, Ilona was able to lend a hand and temporarily stabilise the broken limb and help transport the animal to the IPAN shelter for treatment. "For me being a veterinarian - and one working in India  - is a way of life. Even though the prognosis for this calf is not good, I was touched by the concern of the men, who despite not being the owners of the calf, were happy that I was able to provide help.  The calf is now being cared for at my home in the IPAN clinic that is supported by WVS." 

In Malawi, the teams have been on full power there too with a sterilisation and treatment clinic to assist Mission Rabies with their vaccination drive. The animals in Blantyre are now receiving excellent care for injuries, spay and neuter surgeries performed to help with animal birth control, as well as their annual rabies vaccinations to ensure healthy dogs and communities!!

In addition to our core projects, we've had volunteers working around the world on some of our supported trips with animal welfare charities across the globe. From the Caribbean and Romania to Bolivia and India, we will continue to work at the frontline of animal welfare each and every day to support more animals in need with the veterinary care they require. Why? Because every animal matters.