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World Spay Day 2019

Wed 27th Feb 2019

Yesterday marked the 25th World Spay Day, offering the perfect opportunity for our vets to run additional sterilisation campaigns and spread the word about the importance of animal birth control. 

Sterilisation is not only key to humane animal population control, but it also prevents the spread of disease and unwanted litters of puppies. In Malawi for example, overpopulation is not a major issue so our clinic in Blantyre conducts sterilisations not for this purpose, but to prevent infections. A high percentage of puppies due from infections such as parvovirus and distemper, and many adult dogs that are not sterilised pass on transmissible venereal tumours (TVTs) during mating. Sterilised dogs are therefore not at risk of this disease! The local community have been very receptive to this ongoing sterilisation work having seen how much healthier their dogs are as a result of our work and every outreach clinic is busy with people waiting all day to get their dog sterilised!! Dagmar and her team have been striving to improve animal welfare here and it’s clear that it’s having an incredible impact!!

In Thailand, the team have been running an outreach clinic in Sukhothai, with support from Boon Lott Elephant Sanctuary who initially reached out to us a few years ago to assist with the growing dog and cat population in the area of the sanctuary. This outreach clinic ran simultaneously to the team’s sterilisation work in Chiang Mai and in total, the team sterilised over 50 animals in just one day!!

Over in India, our vets have also been busy spaying, alongside training local vets on the truck! The team sterilised 11 dogs on the truck and a further 36 at the Hicks ITC where free sterilisations are available for community members to bring in their animals for treatment. India has become a cornerstone of our work, with the number of neutered animals in the region surrounding our Goa centre much higher than other parts of Goa. Over in Tamil Nadu, our other ITC based in Ooty also focuses on sterilisation to address the street dog overpopulation. On average, the team sterilise 20 dogs every week and have now operated on over 27,000 animals since the centre opened in 2010!!

Not only have our veterinary teams been busy for World Spay Day, but our student reps have been busy fundraising. Special thanks to Lewis and the students of the University of Kosîce who hosted a bake sale in aid of WVS on this celebratory day!!

In total, 172 animals were vaccinated across our projects in just one day!! On average, it costs £7 to perform one sterilisation. This means we will have spent approximately £1000 across our projects to sterilise these animals yesterday. Please help us fund this importnat work by donating today. You can donate online or through our Facebook Fundraiser. Even just £7 can mean a healthy life for one street dog!!