Rabies: Deadly, Preventable, Beatable.

Rabies: Deadly, Preventable, Beatable.

A large part of our work worldwide is protecting animals from deadly but preventable disease. Diseases like rabies.

Today, on World Rabies Day, we want to talk to you about rabies – and about how together, we can save both animals and people from the unimaginable suffering it causes. Because despite killing 59,000 people each year – and countless thousands of animals – rabies is still a neglected disease.

Like us, you know we must change this – and we are. Please, donate today and be part of our life-saving mission.

Tackling disease at its source

With 99% of all the human cases being caused by an infected dog bite, our veterinary teams vaccinate dogs to restrict the disease from spreading across all of our project sites. In India, where a third of the world’s human rabies deaths occur, this outreach work has led to the district of Nilgiris, home of our Ooty International Training Centre, being declared rabies-free since 2018.

Creating herd immunity in the dog population

Year on year, we run vaccination campaigns to preserve this vital milestone in India – and eliminate rabies from other hotspots. Our teams work hard to set up vaccination clinics, catch free-roaming dogs in nets and go door-to-door to vaccinate as many dogs as possible. When we reach 70% of the population with the life-saving vaccine, we know we've established herd immunity and halted the spread disease in that area.

Providing vaccines to every patient

In our veterinary clinics across in India, Malawi and Thailand, all the patients that come through our doors receive a rabies vaccination. Like all the treatment and care we provide, the vaccine is administered for free. This is crucial to protecting both animals and people from rabies. As rabies disproportionately affects the world's most vulnerable people, people who often can't access or afford healthcare, let alone veterinary bills.

With your support, we can rid the world of rabies for both animals and people – forever. Make a donation today to support this life-saving work.

Much of our work to eliminate rabies is conducted in partnership with our sister charity, Mission Rabies. Click here to see what they have planned for this World Rabies Day – and beyond in the fight against rabies.

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