Working donkey health and welfare camp in Theni

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Working donkey health and welfare camp in Theni

Wed 14th Sep 2016

Our colleagues in India recently held a working donkey health and welfare camp in collaboration with our fantastic partners WTG in the Theni district of Southern Eastern India. 

The camp provided a dual purpose - to provide essential veterinary care to the working donkeys of this district, whilst providing practical surgical training to vet student on performing surgery in the field on donkeys.

In total, the team castrated 26 donkeys and also provided other veterinary treatments too and 9 vet students from Madras Veterinary College were trained.

The camp was very positively received by all of the participants, recently graduated,Dr. Kanaga Devi said "The camp we undergone was so useful to us. That was the first time I did surgery on my own with the guidance of you. Thank you so much sir. You really taught us patiently and gave confidence in approaching donkeys..I had a great chance in the field level to know about the donkeys (and) you treated us like your colleagues, so that we felt free to ask you doubts..Once again thank you so much for making the three days useful to the core"

Dhamo Dharachelvam is a final year veterinary student, shared his thoughts on the camp "I was really thankful to WVS team to organising this camp and also to Dr.Aswin. He taughts and gaves exposure in Vaccination, Deworming, Gelding(Castration) procedure, Anaesthetic protocols, Post operative care management and complications in donkeys. It was really helpful to us and now I was confident in doing anaesthesia, castration and post operative management. Thank you Dr.Aswin and WVS team."

Dr. M Bharath, whom has recently graduated said "I was very much happy to attend the camp in theni. It was really a very good experience which we never had before. I had no
intention of working on equines before attending the camp, but i think I could rethink that decision and it gave me some ideas and confidence in working with equines. I am also confident of doing castration in 
donkeys... I thank WVS and the team for providing me a wonderful opportunity. Thank you sir"

Dr. Abinaya, also a recent veterinary graduate said "I had been a part of working donkey health and welfare camp at Theni, having being previously exposed only to small animals, I have limited knowledge on equines and this equine camp served me with great exposure and knowledge about equines. I've learned the castration techniques, deworming and vaccination of donkeys. This camp proves to be more useful in my career - Dr. Ashwin taught us the simplest and best techniques of castration and now I gained more confidence on operating equines as much before. Grateful to Dr. Ashwin and WVS team for organising this wonderful camp."

Education continues to be a huge part of what we do, providing veterinary training with an emphasis on developing practical surgical courses is paramount for providing a sustainable veterinary resource. The working donkey health and welfare camps are an ideal opportunity to train, develop and inspire a new generation of Indian vet students and new gratuates whilst supporting ongoing sterilisation campaigns.

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