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We did it! We Equipped A Clinic!

Thu 9th Jul 2015

Our appeal to provide a sustainable veterinary resource in Africa has succeeded!

Last year, we discovered that Blantyre in Malawi was a hotspot for rabies so we launched an ambitious appeal to kit out a new clinic in Africa. 

C.E.O Luke Gamble said at the time:

“Vaccinations are a key part of the solution – but so is supporting the local veterinary infrastructure. The BSPCA is a wonderful NGO – and the only place for animals to turn to in the whole region – but they are unequipped and under staffed.”

In January, we launched an appeal to “Equip A Clinic” and called upon vet clinics to help them fill a 20ft container with veterinary supplies. The response was amazing. They managed to send iso machines, stethoscopes, autoclaves and much more life saving equipment.

May Valentine who works with the BSCPA, said;

“It was like Christmas come early today for us!  Absolutely awesome! I cried when I saw the container. You have no idea what a blessing all this has been for us. Words seem lost right now. How does one say thank you for this amazing, generous gift?”

The clinic will be used to continue the sterilization campaign in the region that we started in April, as well as training Malawian vets, and helping with any emergency cases.

MD James Florence commented “To see the container finally arrive after such a long journey feels incredible! We want to thank everyone involved for making this happen, especially the vet practices who donated. You have made a real difference.”