Improving animal welfare in Zomba

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Veterinary outreach in Zomba

Thu 18th Aug 2016

Our time in Zomba is sadly drawing to a close, however we are delighted to report that in just 10 days, that Dr Dagmar Mayer and her fantastic team of volunteers have sterilised 220 animals (212 dogs and 8 cats), amputated one leg, removed 2 injured eyes, repaired one large hernia, removed several tumours, treated 15 TVTs and many wounds.

All dogs that were seen by the WVS veterinary team have also received treatment against worms, fleas and ticks too, this is a simple but effective task but has an significant impact on improving the comfort and well-being for these dogs.

Yesterday the team had to change plans at the last minute and ended having to set up the temporary veterinary clinic at a different location (as the planned one wasn't usable), the team were initially worried that due to this being so last minute, that people wouldn't know that they can bring in their animals for free veterinary treatment. However, word soon spread and Dagmar and her team completed 24 surgeries in this location. We soon realised that the local people were able to inform each other very quickly, in fact, some dogs were brought in to this 'last minute' clinic were brougt in by owners who live a long distance from the temporary clinic, as they realised that this was the last opportunity to obtain veterinary treatment for their pet as it was the last day that the WVS team was in Zomba.

We would love to run even more veterinary outreach clinics to provide free of charge veterinary treatment, but require funds to do this. All donations are very much appreciated and will go towards helping animals in need.