Truck Training in Nagpur

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Truck Training in Nagpur

Wed 10th Aug 2016

As part of our on-going truck training in India, we recently undertook a truck training course in Nagpur, India.

The truck training allows local vets to further enhance their practical surgical skills and takes place in our truck. This is the third course that has been delivered by WVS and it is the third location that the truck has travelled to. The truck allows us to deliver training and strengthen the veterinary capacity thorughout a variety of regions providing surgical training to vets that wouldn't necessarily have access to this.

Dr. Rode and Dr. Mahajan provided an indepth introduction to the course and they were subsequently followed by Dr. Navas and Dr. Raj who provided a brief to the course participants as well as demonstrating a surgical procedure, utilising best ptactice methods.

The course was very postively received and we even had a few previous truck training partipants who took part as well! At the end of the training course, all of the 8 course participants passed the course and received an official certificate.