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Treating the Stray Dogs of Blantyre

Thu 24th May 2018

Bruno was just one of many stray dogs living in communities such as Blantyre, Malawi. Our projects, spread across different countries and regions, all have one aim: to relieve the suffering of animals and promote animal welfare.

In Malawi, our clinic treats animals with all kinds of injuries, helping both the owned and stray populations. Without the clinic and the help of WVS volunteers these animals would not receive the treatment they need and many would have most likely not survive on the streets in these conditions. 

Bruno was found as a stray, living on the streets of Blantyre and suffering from severe mange. This skin condition is not uncommon amongst street dogs, but left untreated can cause numerous health issues. He was brought to the clinic by a local supporter of our work here and stayed with us for a month whilst undergoing treatment. 

Each week it was clear that the treatment was working. His hair started growing back and the lovely lady that brought him in has now sponsored him to stay at a local church where he will continue to be cared for to ensure he lives a healthy life within this friendly community.

WVS aims to provide free vet care for animals in need all over the world, no matter the condition or whether owned or stray. Please help us treat more dogs like Bruno with a small donation today. You really can be the difference between life and death for a street dog like Bruno.