Treating Paul Junior: A Zomba Success Story

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Treating Paul Junior: A Zomba Success Story

Fri 28th Jul 2017

In 2016 our sister charity Mission Rabies ran their first mass vaccination drive in Zomba and we sent a small WVS veterinary team to work alongside their vaccination teams, sterilising and treating injured dogs. Our Africa Veterinary Manager Dr Dagmar Mayer tells us Paul Junior’s story!

At one of the vaccination points an elderly lady brought a puppy to be vaccinated. A few weeks previously the puppy fractured its leg, caused by a rock which was thrown at it. The owner didn’t know that anything could be done so she didn’t feed him a lot anymore and basically waited for the dog to die.

When our teams saw this dog they arranged transport to the WVS veterinary team and the leg was amputated the next day. The surgery was watched by dozens of children as the team set up a field clinic outside their school in an open kitchen area on that day.

The puppy was called ‘Paul Junior’, because it was Paul Grossmann, the Mission Rabies project manager for Zomba, who brought the little puppy to the vet team. For the recovery period after the surgery Paul Junior stayed with ‘Paul Senior’ and was spoiled at his home.

After 10 days, Paul Junior was then dropped off back at his owner, who was very happy to see him again and she promised to feed him well and to give him a second chance in life. 

Paul Junior is just one of the dogs treated by our WVS vets, and it is this combined passion and support from Mission Rabies, that we are able to help so many animals and have such an incredible impact in Malawi.